Will a girl’s first time be painful? Tips for a Girl’s First Time Having Sex

Is it really painful for a girl’s first night? As society becomes more and more open, many boys and girls have already known the feeling of sex before marriage. So does the girl’s first night really hurt?

1. Will the process of a girl’s first night be painful?
Generally speaking, it will be quite painful since the female’s privates has been closed all the time and now is suddenly invaded by a huge foreign body which rubs in and out repeatedly.

2. Will there be blood left?
Yes, but not a lot. It should be similar to when a woman has her period. Don’t be afraid; this is normal phenomenon.

3. How long will it take for the pain to go away?
Normally two or three days will do and she may still feel some discomfort during that time, but eventually her body will adjust to it naturally over time. She can also use anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain if needed.

4. When should they try again?
It is best to wait until the girl recovers completely—normally three days later—before attempting again as patience is key here: haste makes waste!

5. How can one reduce the pain during a girl’s first night?
a) Spend more time on foreplay such as kissing, hugging and caressing; b) Use lubricant or saliva if her body feels dry; c) Let him know how she feels at any given time so he can act accordingly with gentleness; d) Try different positions like front-to-back or let her take control; e) If there is still pain or bleeding afterwards, they should consult a doctor to avoid potential diseases; f) Girls should understand correctly about sex—it is part of life and an indicator of maturity—and try not to be overly nervous which could lead to vaginal spasm thus making sexual intercourse difficult.