Within 30 years, human beings will no longer need to make love in order to reproduce.

Foreign scholars have claimed that within 30 years humans won’t need to engage in sexual intercourse to reproduce. Having sex and getting pregnant is the basic rule of human propagation, however, a professor from Stanford University has claimed that within 30 years humans will no longer need to rely on sexual intercourse for reproduction. The Independent reported that Hank Greely, director of Stanford Law and BioTech Center, believes that within 30 years the reproductive process of humans will be done through creating a series of embryos by parents’ DNA in lab, giving parents the right to choose. Although similar technologies already exist today, Greely said that this type of approach will be cheaper in the future and also avoid diseases. The report analyzed that this process includes making stem cells with female skin sample in order to create eggs which are then fertilized and lead to embryos. Available embryos can prevent potential diseases from occurring and even let parents choose hair color and eye colors. According to Greely, the greatest benefit of this method lies in saving medical costs due to its ability in avoiding potential diseases.