Women have these 5 signs, which actually mean she wants to offer herself to you!

Most men are straight-forward, while women often don’t explicitly express their feelings and never say “I like you”. Men seem to never understand the subtle hints that women give. Women initiate conversations, ask for phone numbers, chat casually, ask to meet up, invite out for dinner or movie and make physical contact. All these are hints that men tend to miss unless they are very straight-forward.

In relationships between two genders, these subtle hints from women actually mean they are “courting”, so men should not be too dense to miss them or miss the chance.

1. She Tells You She’s Scared of Darkness: When a woman falls in love with you and likes you deeply, she will always think about you. She wants you to stay by her side all the time and will tell you she is scared of darkness as an excuse for your company. If a woman says this to you, be sure to show up at once! This way your relationship can only blossom further.

2. Lingo Filled with Sexual Innuendos: Women won’t directly tell you they like you when they do–they’ll just hint it through small gestures and remain silent on their feelings. However, their conversation with you will be different than that with other people; they may choose to flirt with you a little without being overly explicit about it.

If she is not just a casual woman, then you have to pay attention. Little flirting is the signal she sends out. She likes you and she does not mind flirting with you, she has already done what needs to be done, now it’s up to you. Third, when meeting alone, she dresses sexy and reveals her body When you two meet alone, she is somewhat different from usual; usually plain faced but when with you there will be delicate makeup; usually outgoing but when with you suddenly becomes a tender little woman. In addition, her dressing also has a huge change; usually wearing simple clothes but for meeting with you, she would put on a revealing mini-skirt and flaunt her perfect figure in front of you; if you say that there’s no meaning in it all, it’s hard to believe yourself. Fourth, invite you out to an obscure place A girl invites you out and chooses an obscure place such as a quiet café, dark movie theater or somewhere rarely seen by people like a small wood or even at home where none can disturb the two of them—it means that she has taken notice of your existence and gives herself an opportunity. Fifth, agree to all your requests Because of love makes her humble. All requests made by you will be unacceptable for her to reject even if some make her feel embarrassed; this is just whether it takes ten minutes for her to agree or half an hour—a true lover will take into account more than anything else before saying no to any request from yours.