Women should persist in doing three things to make sure your man never leaves you.

Recently, the historical drama “Qing Ping Yue” finally reached its finale with great expectation. Although the external publicity of this drama is about the life of Emperor Zhao Zhen of Song Dynasty.

In fact, carefully analyzing the plot, the marriages of women in the play are also worth thinking about.

Cao Dan-shu dignified and grandiose, is a qualified queen. Unfortunately, she never got the love of royal family in her whole life. Empress Zhang was spoiled and arrogant, disliked by concubines in harem, impeached by former ministers but had all the mind and favor of royal family.

It seems like two simple historical figures, actually three truths about marriage can be extracted from their stories: 1) There is no need to be too sensible in marriage; 2) Positively express love in marriage; 3) Don’t give up pursuing your own value after marriage.

Cao Dan Shu married to the most noble man in world and lost her freedom somehow and replaced it with forbearance and always maintain respectful look as head of harem. Despite many thoughts inside her head and passionate love for Royal family, she never showed any emotion on her face. Her lifetime was enough to make everyone satisfied while she herself felt unsatisfied because she was too sensible to understand his words and deeds even though she was hurt deep inside.

When comparing Zhang Gui Fei with Cao Dan Shu, female viewers generally adore Cao Dan Shu for being excellent and having individuality without trying to please men while male viewers adore Zhang Gui Fei for her adorable looks when acting spoiled which explains why Royal Family loved her so much that they would die for it. These two characters shown us some misunderstanding modern women have when expressing love towards spouse; some believe they should stay humble while others think speaking out will lead them not being cherished anymore. It’s wrong because men need to feel love as well; instead of talking about divorce every time why don’t you tell him “I Love You” more often? A perfect husband was praised out- loud by wife every time he cooked even though he didn’t know how before marriage; gradually he started enjoying cooking process instead! So do you see how expressing your passion actively leads to better results than keeping silent or arguing?

Lastly but not least we should learn from Cao Dan Shu who didn’t put all focus on Royal Family after marrying nor giving up personal value due to failed marriage. Some modern women quit job after tying knot with their spouse or devoted so much attention on husband that they forget what their role used to be before getting married which imprisons them in “Mrs …” instead of living as themselves again so lady don’t ever let yourself down no matter where you are! Marriage isn’t just two people coming together then everything goes well afterwards; under uncertain future situation only thing we can do is keep long-term vision without forgetting our pursuit!