Would you be brave enough to say it when you like someone? Four signs from a guy could hint that he likes you.

Do you dare to express your love for someone? In fact, most boys cannot directly express their love, but instead hint to the other person. Most girls don’t know that boys have already hinted their love towards them, and if they don’t figure it out, they may miss out. Let’s take a look at some of the hints that boys give when they like someone.

The first one is compliments. Boys tend to act silly in front of someone they like and think that the person is the most beautiful at the moment. So when a boy compliments you frequently or gives you praises, it means he likes you. Girls should pay attention to those who constantly compliment them.

The second one is mentioning you a lot. When someone loves someone else, they will always think of them and even share things about them with friends. If a boy often mentions you in conversations with his friends, it means he has feelings for you and is too shy to express themselves due to personality traits.

The third one is asking what type of men girls like. During conversations, boys can often show their interest in someone by asking questions related to who they like as well as what kind of people they are attracted to: this hints that he wants to get to know your standards and become part of them himself.

The fourth one is initiating contact with you. If a boy contacts you frequently and talks about everyday matters or random topics, it shows he has something for you; after all, why would he want to chat with you if he doesn’t like you?

These four hints are the most obvious ones when it comes to boys showing their liking for someone; however, many girls fail to notice these signs or may confuse them as something else – which could lead to an embarrassing encounter down the line – so be sure not be oblivious and pay attention! After all, wouldn’t it be nice if the person whom we secretly admire sends us such hints?