If you don’t know, you’re in for a shock when you find out: the university campus is permeated with sexual openness, making people worry.

There has been a lot of research on college student sexual behavior, and recently, news about the exposure of female college students engaging in inappropriate sexual activities has once again drawn our attention to it. How is the current state of Chinese college student behaviour? Let’s take a closer look!

Exposure of Inappropriate Sexual Activities at Higher Learning Institutions

With the opening up of society, inappropriate sexual activities of college students have become increasingly common in recent years. Not long ago, a prestigious university’s newspaper exposed a series of female college students engaging in inappropriate sexual activities: A female student was found by security personnel having an illicit relationship with her boyfriend in the school garden late at night; another was discovered living with her boyfriend outside school premises; two more were arrested by the police for working as “three-accompaniment girls” in an entertainment venue in downtown. Faced with these incidents, people are astonished: What is happening to female college students nowadays? As a school authority, normally such matters should remain under wraps. However, they were boldly exposed by the school authorities — no doubt out of sincere concern — with the intention to raise awareness and get people thinking about this issue; teachers, students and fellow citizens alike.

Research Results on Female College Students’ Sexual Behavior

25% Of Female College Students Have Experienced Sexual Intercourse Before Graduation. Researchers conducted a 4-year psychological study on 500 female college students on their transition from being virgins to non-virgins and found that the proportion of those who have experienced sexual intercourse increases with each graduating year: 7% among freshmen; 13% among sophomores; 20% among juniors; roughly 25% among seniors.

Reasons Why Female College Student Engage In Sexual Activities

Researchers believe that female college student’s sexual behaviour does not depend solely on age. Pubertal hormones secretion can certainly catalyze certain behaviors such as early menstrual cycle onset or premature puberty in boys in terms of biological impetus for certain behaviors associated with teenage years. Nevertheless, apart from this factor, some social factors related to it have also gained more attention lately playing an assisting role in college student’s sexual behaviour.

Apart from biological and social reasons affecting current female college students’ sexuality performance, psychological factors cannot be ignored either – resulting in their inappropriate behaviours due to various mental states. For instance, when deeply liking her boy friend yet feeling neglected by him instead despite being so devoted could lead a girl crossing “the threshold” out-of obeisance trying getting his loyalty through offering her most invaluable virtue – chastity – as compensation like a fairytale princess losing her white horse princely suitor fleeing away while she clingingly proffers him her holy land as token expressing love…

How To Look At College Students’ Sexual Behaviours?

Nowadays scientific sex studies had revealed that it is legitimate for one to pursue happiness through fulfilling its sexual needs which August Bebel had pointed out that “Sex need is second only to food needs amongst all natural needs” while Count Tolstoy marvelled us further proclaiming that “Sexual intercourse is actually deliverying some love cells.” Sadly there still exists girls who would do anything just for their personal indulgence like sacrificing their chastity against money or material gain while others willingly engaged into physical relations seeking warmth or fashion accessories belied out of inferior despicable means like recalling tearfully how short after entering university she lost pride as college student due to lack material possession which did not seem much different than city counterparts except lacking family back-up support bearing storms temptations vices thus succumbed losing equilibrium within only relying upon youthful skin power fight back… This shouldn’t be tolerated though families environments education should be heavily reinforced countervailing such events.