Men and women, in the midst of a passionate life – is it more romantic to be naked or clothed?

Many women in the intimate life between men and women ask themselves: “How can I make myself more attractive and make the man who loves me not leave me?” In the process of passionate life between men and women, whether it is more tempting to wear sexy lingerie or completely naked, this question seems never outdated.

According to a survey, being nude makes women feel less confident; wearing sexy pajamas or lingerie can greatly boost their self-confidence. Meanwhile, some studies in Europe and the United States have found that when men look at pictures of women, they generally find those who are appropriately covered more sexy and mysterious.

Below are two pieces of sexual knowledge given by many sexologists, teaching you how to subtly present women’s curves and sexiness, and ignite the passion and desire of men.

Silent Lingerie Allure

Dressing up can be sexy and attractive, with endless imagination of beauty. However, when stripped naked, everyone looks the same except for their faces, without the wonderful feeling of expectation. Therefore, when taking off clothes, be sure to not fully strip down; leaving some lingerie on gives your partner infinite space for fantasy.

Second, Romantic Lighting in Bedroom

The lighting has a subtle effect on the mood of sexual life. Remember not to fill the house with lights when you are intimate, too bright will make body defects exposed, while dim light can make you look more warm and lovely, sexy and charming. Dim down the light or change the colored lampshade will add quality to sexual life and make him shake in heart and soul.

Third, Comfortable Bedding

A delicate and comfortable thin quilt bed sheet is faintly visible, with a woman lying on the big bed, her lower body covered by a fascinating blanket as if a lute is half-covered, which often makes men unable to control their desire. Comfortable bedding not only relaxes one’s mood but also arouses the primitive desires of men, making it irresistible and wanting to enjoy it freely.

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