Love also has an expiration date: 6 great tips to keep the freshness of your relationship.

Love also comes with a shelf life. It is sweet when it starts, but as time goes by, even though you understand each other more and are certain that this is the person for you for life, something still seems to be missing. In fact, this is the freshness that fades away in love. No one is destined to exist in this world for another person; love talks of fate, but it mainly talks about the ways of loving during the process. Good tactics in love can keep the passion alive like a March flower forever. So how do you maintain the freshness in your relationship?

First, create more opportunities for just two of you. Women are naturally creatures who crave romance, and being alone together is always the best environment to build up a sweet and romantic atmosphere; if you want to recapture those thrilling moments from before, put aside all trivial things and worries temporarily and bring back those scenes again.
Second, add intimate actions between each other. The saying “all necessary elements combined” applies here too: having an exclusive world between them is only step one; intimate actions are key point. Only by constantly adding close physical movements can hormonal changes be triggered quickly between them; as for what will happen when hormones go over control… That depends on what action they take next.
Third, often mention each other’s names out loud. When outside together, always have their names on your lips; no matter when it is, you can instantly think of each other and the scenes shared together; this spontaneous happiness not only adds lubrication to feelings continuously but also enables your lover to feel your intentions when hearing these words—an arrow that kills two birds with one stone!
Fourth, let men do housework more often. When two people live together, it’s not just about love but day-to-day living too; yet often those tedious chores ruin love instead—especially for girls who haven’t married yet. Thus, if men show true care for their lover by giving up their phones or games after meals and help do dishes or sweep floors from time to time instead—love may blossom again soon!
Fifth,record down funny stories happened between them Time destroys freshness in relationships—it also makes lovers gradually forget all those sweet memories they once shared together while coldness grows between them Instead of brooding over negative influences,why not write down fun stories or interesting conversations that took place between them? Years later,opening these notebooks will bring back old memories right away。
Sixth,maintain lifestyle atmosphere A good relationship needs mutual efforts,and various flavors filling its journey。Flavors can be big or small -a bouquet of flowers,sharing a glass of wine before bedtime ;or discovering an unexplored cafe ;trying out a newly opened restaurant etc。Flavors are not always materialistic ;as long as there’s effort,anything works。In conclusion,no relationship is naturally predetermined for strangers nor does any require little effort to get rewards -only with both sides pouring hearts into it can tender sprouts eventually become an immense tree with abundant fruits ;only if correct methods are used can freshness be kept alive .