The Spring Water Hall has implemented its two-sex ecological strategy, opening a smart couple hotel.

On the afternoon of November 8th, Chunshui Tang released their “Gender Ecology Strategy” to the public.

On the afternoon of November 8th, Chunsi Tang announced its “Gender Ecology Strategy” to the public. This is the first time that this adult e-commerce has detailed its future development plan and concrete implementation since going public on the New Third Board in September. In addition, Chunsi Tang also announced that it will join in large promotions during double 11.

Since launching its own brand in 2014, Chunsi Tang has been focusing on the three core needs of both sexes – sexual health, sexual pleasure and intimacy – to create a two-sex ecosystem. At this press conference, the interpretation of Chunsi Tang’s two-sex ecosystem strategy was unveiled, showing specific landing products around “sexual health”, “sexual pleasure” and “intimacy”, including the first exposure of the real scene of “Qingshi” intelligent couple hotel Xihu flagship store and the medical device factory with 300 thousand levels of dust-free workshop put into production.

In terms of sexual health, Chunsiutang’s layout is composed of reproductive health intelligent medical equipment and nourishing health care products to improve sexual health; in terms of sexual pleasure, it focuses on the independent research and development and e-commerce sales of sex toys; the couple hotel business serves close relationships, meanwhile, in the future Chunsiutang will also enter into the field of consulting and training for intimate relationships.

CEO of Chunshuitang, Dinggang Lin, stated that “Chunshuitang’s vision is to become a leading enterprise in the field of Chinese two-sex health spanning ‘sexual health, sexual pleasure and intimate relationships’.”

Sexual Health: Medical Device Factory Goes into Production

In 2014, the launch of the first intelligent health product – the intelligent muscle-shrinking dumbbell iBall – was an important trial for spring water hall to layout health. Since then, spring water hall has continuously accelerated its pace and independently developed iHole, an intelligent hardware targeting male prostate health, entering the health care products field and beginning to sell deer blood powder capsules and other deer health products.

In addition to general market healthcare products, Chunshui Tang also wants to develop professional medical equipment for the market. In 2016, Kegel Intelligent Pelvic Floor Exercise began to be tested in hospital channels, and the medical device factory has recently been put into production.

Sexual pleasure: Produce sex toys in accordance with the production link standards of medical equipment.

Since its establishment 14 years ago, Spring Water Hall has started to independently develop its own brand from the agency sale of sex toys, and has built a 300000-level dust-free workshop, a 100000-level dust-free laboratory and testing room, producing sex toys with the production environment standard of medical instruments.

According to reports, Spring Water Hall has developed and launched nearly 20 intelligent toys so far.

Ling Degang declared that Chunsi Tang will become an enterprise integrating the R&D, production, sales, and IoT operation of reproductive health-related intelligent medical devices and intelligent toys.

Close Relationships: Creating Luxurious and Smart Couple Hotels

Now, the Poetry Intelligent Couples Hotel will be one of the most important strategic layouts for Chunshuitang’s intimate relationship and even the entire two-sex health ecosystem.

Targeting couples aged between 25 and 40 with monthly incomes of over 8000 yuan, the Poetry Intelligent Couples Hotel will take the higher-end route. It is neither a residential star-rated hotel nor a “heavy taste” hotel mainly for hourly room consumption, but rather seeks to create a romantic atmosphere and accommodation experience for couples.

The Poetry Hotel has a brand new smart experience: based on behavioral recognition technology, it can automatically match olfactory (aroma system), auditory (sound system), visual (lighting, imaging systems) and home intelligence systems that are beneficial to improve user experience.

Cheng Chong, General Manager of the Intelligent Couple Hotel Poetry, stated that, “From 2005 to 2015, due to meeting the demand for “accommodation”, the hotel industry welcomed a golden decade of rapid development represented by Ruyi Hotels and other fast hotels. Nowadays, more than 30% of consumers no longer have sleep as their first need, and the hotel industry is entering the next golden ten years emphasized on experience. Poetry Hotel will fully satisfy couples’ core needs for romance, stimulation, release and relaxation.”

In the eyes of Ling Degang, there is a great deficiency in terms of quantity, brand and product experience for hotels that are currently oriented towards meeting the needs of both male and female consumers. The whole market has huge potential for development. “This is where our opportunity lies, couple hotels will become a highly explosive growth business in the Spring Watersong strategic layout.”

The Poetry Intelligent Couple Hotel, West Lake Flagship Store is expected to open in the first quarter of 2017. In addition, Spring Water Hall plans to launch intimate relationship training business in 2017, further perfecting the strategic layout of intimate relationships.

Lastly, Spring Water Hall also announced that they will join the e-commerce promotion during Double 11 period, offering discounts on their range of pleasure toys, lingerie and condoms.