What are the side effects of marital aids is an important thing many people want to know.

Recently, there have been many people discussing the side effects of marital products on the Internet. In fact, when considering the side effects of these marital products, it is mainly to consider which type of delay product is selected. Although there will be certain side effects in delay products, it can be said that it is very safe to use an appropriate amount. However, it is still necessary to understand the existing side effects. Today through this article, a simple introduction and summary of the relevant situation will be made.

When using marital aids, for people who are easily allergic, it is necessary to spray money on the back of the hand and try whether they will have allergic reactions to these products. If there is an allergic reaction, rinse your hands with clean water in time and stop using such products. Some people who often use these delay products will directly affect their own erection, and for these delay products, the delay effect is usually achieved through nerve tissue around the glans. However, the result of frequent paralysis of nerves may affect the effective transmission of erection signals, so users must use them moderately and the effective interval should be more than three days each time.

For those who have been using couples’ products for a long time, they may develop certain dependency on these products. If dependence is formed, they may need to use these products before each sexual activity. In fact, it is unnecessary for some people to rely on these delaying products every time and what’s more important is to do effective aerobic exercise and improve some bad habits in daily life, which can fundamentally achieve the effect of strengthening the body and thus prolonging the time for sexual intercourse. Moreover, when using these related products, communication between partners should be made in advance so that no grudges exist in both sides and then better effect can be achieved with obvious improvement. Of course, apart from common delay sprays, there are various delaying products such as delayed condoms, delayed rings and oral Viagra or drugs to prevent premature ejaculation.

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