What methods are there to delay ejaculation?

No doubt, all male compatriots must think while having sex: “I need to last longer, I need to last longer.” Is this so? But in my experience of intercourse, I find that when I keep thinking that I want to ejaculate soon, it just won’t come out. Why is this?

This is because when men want to ejaculate quickly during intercourse, the in-and-out motion of your penis will be smaller. You may want to thrust in and out quickly, but your glans are deep inside your partner’s vagina. If the inner part of the partner’s vagina is narrowed from outside to inside, then your penis head is rubbing against the relatively wide area inside the partner’s vagina. How can it ejaculate quickly then?

So, thinking in reverse, how can a man delay ejaculation?

First, you need to explore what shape the other’s vagina is, which section is tighter, which is looser, which part makes you feel more and which part keeps you from ejaculating so quickly. Then in accordance with ancient people’s “three shallow and one deep” and “nine shallow and one deep” principles, directly thrust her uterus so that you can ejaculate slowly while she will feel the climax all the time.

This is what is meant by “knowing yourself and your enemy in order to win every battle”. First get to know the other person, then attack. If you want the other person to have a strong pleasure, please move your penis bigger. Insert it all the way, and when you withdraw, leave only about one-third to two-thirds of the glans inside the other person’s body. This technique often results in complete withdrawal of the glans at first, but with more practice, you will gain precision in how much force you withdraw with, so that the other person’s pleasure will be greater than yours.

Of course, this lovemaking technique is to be used in combination with the doggy style position. Let me share it with everyone for reference. I hope fellow practitioners can exchange ideas more.