15 conversation topics to deepen the bond between couples:

1. What are some of your favorite memories together?
2. What would you like the other to know about you that they didn’t already?
3. What do you like most about each other?
4. How did you meet and how has your relationship evolved over time?
5. What is the best thing that ever happened to you as a couple?
6. Is there something one of you would like the other to do more of in the relationship?
7. What do you appreciate about each other’s family and friends?
8. Do you collaborate well on goals and projects together?
9. Are there any unresolved issues from the past that still affect your relationship today?
10. Have you discussed any future plans as a couple, such as a dream vacation or having children someday?
11. If given the chance, what would be something special that both of you would like to experience together?
12. Are there any traditions or habits in your relationship that bring joy and spark conversation between the two of you?
13. Are there any topics related to your faith or spirituality that both of you are interested in exploring further together?
14. Are there any books, movies, or music that remind both of you of special moments shared together as a couple?
15. How has being together helped each of you grow personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually throughout this journey together so far?
Some people say: “Age is just a number, it doesn’t define who you are.”

The most luxurious people in the world are those who spend time with you, whose time is valuable and who give you a part of their world by giving you part of their time.
Without a doubt.

In emotions, we start with intense passion and end up with nothing to say. The span of time may not be too long, sometimes it’s a few years, sometimes it’s just in a blink of an eye.

What makes us transition from familiarity to estrangement and then to repulsion? What makes us forget the initial feelings and the good qualities of the other person?
Online it is said: No one can truly empathize with the situation, the occasional empathy we have is to store credit, so that we can call on you again at a future time.

Can we create a more lasting bond of empathy by communicating with each other?

This morning when I was scrolling through Weibo, I saw someone post about the 15 best conversation topics for couples. I found it really interesting and wanted to share it with everyone:
1. Your exciting plans for the future.
2. Your favorite books and movies.
3. The most awkward things that have ever happened to you.
4. A funny story from your childhood.
5. Things you are passionate about and why they mean so much to you.
6. The places you want to visit together in the future.
7. Who are your biggest role models in life?
8. What’s something that made you proud of yourself recently?
9. What would be the perfect day for you?
10. How did your parents influence who you are today?
11. Describe a time when your beliefs were challenged by another person’s opinion or experience?
12. What are some of your most memorable moments together?
13 .What do you value most in a friendship or relationship?
14 .What does success mean to you and how do you measure it?
15 .Describe a moment that changed the way you viewed life

Sharing Childhood

In each of our childhoods, there are the influences of our native families and the intimate other half to share our childhoods with. Not only do we share our joys and troubles from childhood, but we also let the other person enter into our own childhood, to experience both our joys and sorrows.

After we understand each other’s growth journey, we can empathize the most and understand why the other person has formed such a character and temper.

It seems that this is a process of sharing, and also the fastest way to let the other person enter one’s inner world.

Create love rules.

Establish a set of ‘love rules’ between two people, which should not only include the mode of interaction between them, but also a mechanism for resolving conflicts.

Especially when two people in a relationship have differences, effective love rules can help reduce arguments and avoid cold wars to a greater extent.

A good relationship certainly has its own set of rules for love, whether they are explicitly stated or not. It definitely affects the emotional connection between two people in an invisible way.

Share hobbies and interests.

Girls always hate when boys play games, whereas boys always resent that girls take too long to put on makeup.

The difference between boys and girls lies in the fact that boys are interested in playing games while girls are interested in becoming more beautiful. This is not understood, which is why it can be especially annoying.

Maybe when girls love video games and boys love makeup, we won’t be so opposed to these interests.

Therefore, share one’s interests and hobbies for the other party to get to know deeply. They may not like it, but they must understand it.

Let’s talk about your views on love.

Love view is a very macro expression, just like we always say different three views, which are exactly the three views, in fact few people can explain clearly.

It is also the same with our view of love, and it is hard for us to express our own view of love. However, we can talk about our attitude towards feelings, and how we deal with problems when they arise.

If the other person is someone who particularly likes cold wars and enjoys being passive aggressive, then we will certainly have to put in more effort in this relationship.

What time did we start to like each other?

This question, in fact, is more often asked by girls because they want to know if you really like them.

This question is more like an issue of security. When discussing this matter, it is suggested that men should not be ambiguous and answer with general concepts; this will not only not add points to your relationship but actually have a side effect.

So when a girl asks you, you have to tell her simply and straightforwardly when you started to like her.

It was her first time making you breakfast, during your most difficult times she showed you care and encouragement. Or maybe it was just a smile from her that day, etc.

Things to do together after being together:
1. Spend quality time with each other
2. Communicate and listen to understand each other
3. Respect and trust each other
4. Support and encourage one another
5. Establish understanding and compromise
6. Appreciate the little things

This problem is like two people painting together; you both need to work together to paint a picture of what life might look like in the future, rather than one person trying to do it all.

Let’s talk about what we will do in the future, which is to “draw a pie” for the future of both sides, and set a common goal for both sides.

Just as the movie dialogue says: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

It is not so important to go on a trip with two people, what’s important is the days that two people have worked hard together for the trip.

What did you think when you kissed me for the first time?

This topic will bring us back to the feeling of butterflies and uneasiness when we first met.

It will bring us back to the scene of our just kissed moment, allowing us to deeply love each other from the bottom of our hearts.

Of course, if this topic is talked about before bed, then what follows probably needs no further explanation.

Privately, how do you describe me to others?

Listening to the other’s description of you can make you more profoundly understand your image in their eyes, at the same time it allows you to see the imperfect self in each others’ hearts from their description of you.

Of course, when communicating this issue, we must be sincere with each other. If there are lies hidden, then the topic loses its own meaning.

If your friend cheats on you, what would you do?

Cheating is the bottom line in a relationship between men and women. Listen to each other’s attitudes towards cheating to get an idea of how they view cheating and betrayal on a large scale.

Just like in an interview years ago, Chen Sichen had expressed his attitude towards adultery. He said: “No matter who it is, there will be a betrayal of marriage, even psychologically drifting away.”

Such opinion and attitude eventually planted the seeds for his infidelity.

Therefore, by listening to the other party’s attitude towards cheating, we can also gain a better understanding of their attitude towards this relationship.

Your first kiss was when?

Many people criticize that boys have a “virgin complex” in love, but in fact, everyone is selfish in love and hopes that the other party can give all to themselves.

It’s just like a girl caring about whether her partner has an ex-girlfriend’s WeChat, as well.

When we open our hearts to talk about this topic, we can often see from the other’s tone and attitude whether they still have nostalgia and reluctance for the past, or if they have already walked out of the emotional shadows of the past.

It is said that “a former crying, the incumbent must lose”, when we talk about each other’s former, we can hear the other person’s thoughts from the language.

Which city do you like?

This topic is somewhat similar to interests and hobbies, but different in that we can get a glimpse into someone’s attitude towards life by the city they like.

When we are young, we may like big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, because we are young and impulsive with passion. But when we reach a certain age, we will prefer some third- or fourth-tier cities and want peace and tranquility.

This is actually a change in mentality, some are mature beyond their years, while others are destined never to settle down.

Twelve, not being able to accept the other’s shortcomings.

If this issue could be discussed honestly, it would certainly help to enhance the relationship.

In relationships, we often have many problems, but most of them are actually petty things.

If we can avoid certain issues that cross the line for each other, then for our relationship, it is undoubtedly an insurance.

Is the feeling of ceremony important to you?

The feeling of ceremony is a lubricant to maintain a relationship, and good ceremony can keep the passion alive without cooling down.

If the other person is particularly boring and uninteresting, then we should lower our expectations for surprises; conversely, if the other person finds ritualism important, then in the future emotional life he must make you full of surprises.

Attitude towards ceremonial occasions is like one’s attitude towards life.

Some people are passive and lazy, while others are full of enthusiasm.

1. We both enjoy listening to music.
2. We have similar tastes in food.
3. We both like to spend time outdoors.

It’s not hard for two people in love to see if the other really understands them, by looking for three common points between them.

The process of looking for common ground is actually a process of self-examination and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the other person.

This shared trait can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how we learn to recognize it.

Do you have any strange friends?

By understanding the circle of friends of the other party, understanding each other is said to depend on the average achievement of the ten closest friends around him.

Therefore, the other person’s circle of friends reflects their character and lifestyle to a great extent.

By talking about the friends around the other person, you can tell their attitude towards friendship.

People in love always cannot find topics to chat about. Actually, it is not that we do not have topics; it is that we refuse to understand each other.

Therefore, good relationships must be full of topics and filled with interest.

If your relationship has reached a point of no words, then why not try these fifteen topics?

Perhaps, it can make your life different!