A man working hard in bed implies what? Why would a man call a woman “baby” in bed?

Love between men and women, excluding the kind of dew relations, always needs a process from holding hands to going up to bed. The first time, both sides are usually shy, but with more times comes by, both sides will pay more attention to the quality of their sex life.

In bed, women often take a passive role while men usually take initiative and put on extra efforts. What does it mean when a man puts extra effort in bed? Why does a man like calling his woman “baby” in bed?

1. It means that he has strong desires. Men’s desires are always stronger than those of women’s, especially after a period of not meeting each other; the man’s desire will only increase without decrease. No matter how honest he is during the day, he will transform into an energetic puppy at night and be very active in bed.

2. It means that he loves her very much. Actually a man’s desire is relative; he won’t have any sexual interest towards someone he doesn’t like; only when it comes to someone that he cares about deeply will he release his wild side and go wild inside her body.

3. It means that the woman’s voice is sexy enough. All men have the feeling of conquering; when a woman makes sexy sounds in bed, it makes him excited and drives him to work hard trying to please her even more.

Why does a man call his woman “baby” in bed? “Baby” or “babier” is similar to “baby” which is one way for men to express their feelings towards their significant other. Calling her baby can make her feel loved and spoiled while also allowing him to demonstrate his masculinity as well. Furthermore, when men are in bed they are at their lowest intelligence level so if the woman can satisfy his needs then he would agree with whatever she says including calling him “baby”!