Four Different Experiences Between Male and Female:

1. Physiological Differences: Men have a higher metabolism and body temperature, whereas women are typically more sensitive to pain.
2. Hormonal Differences: Men have more testosterone than women, which can affect their behavior. Women also have higher estrogen levels, which can influence their emotional responses.
3. Cognitive Differences: Men tend to be more focused on spatial tasks, while women are better at multitasking and communicating.
4. Social Differences: Men and women often view the world differently due to different socialization experiences growing up and in adulthood.
For young men and women in the early stages of love, sexual knowledge may not be extensive. What basic knowledge and methods are there for having sex? Let’s take a look at the four basic elements of sex!

Women and men have different attitudes towards sex.

Men first desire sex before they develop feelings, while women develop feelings before they desire sex. In terms of emotions, men prefer to be physically intimate before developing an emotional connection. Therefore, when a man is in a relationship with a woman, he wants to have physical intimacy first. On the other hand, women generally accept a man in their hearts before wanting an intimate connection with him. Moreover, once they establish an intimate connection with the man, women will depend on him more and feel more invested in his finances. Conversely, men will reciprocate this feeling. This is the difference between men and women’s views on sexuality.

II. Men focus on the results while women enjoy the process.

Before a man gets you, he will give you the feeling of being in love on the road of life, but after he gets you his attitude towards you will become more and more cold. As for sex, if it happens before marriage, the final result usually leaves a woman feeling cold. Since the other party will have already lost its freshness, it is even more different after marriage.

Third, men must have emotional needs while women must have them even more in marriage.

After marriage, however, men tend to be indifferent towards women. Consequently, problems start arising in the marriage. For a woman who is not fresh anymore, it’s difficult for the man to maintain passion in the long run. Even after marriage, therefore, women should keep it mysterious and prevent the man from losing interest in her. As for sexual knowledge, one can continue improving and trying different sexual experiences which can be beneficial for both people’s emotions.

Fourth, in the process of the perfect pursuit of you by the boys, do not trust too much of their flowery words and honeyed phrases.

When a guy is pursuing you, he will only make sweet promises in order to have contact with you sexually. Therefore, the more flowery his words become, the more self-respect and self-love a woman must have. Do not be blinded by the other party’s sweet talk, as he may not truly like you and must be discerned and taken seriously.