Which vocalizations by a woman most help to enhance the sexual experience during the act?

During intimate moments, both men and women make sounds involuntarily, ranging from moans to heavy breathing and shy talking. Do you know which sound is most beneficial for a woman in bed?

1. Sound from the Heart
Even if it is a moan, it should be expressed with feeling rather than mechanically. Therefore, lack of emotion is definitely discouraged when making such sounds. If you are going to make noises, do so with your heart and mindfully feel each action of your partner on your body before actually moaning; don’t make noises continuously as this will appear fake.

2. No Disruptive Words
Sexual intercourse should only involve suitable words; any disruptive words are a no-no. For example, phrases such as “hurry up and give me an orgasm” or “can you finish quickly?” may express one’s feelings but can also ruin the mood. To enjoy better sex, take action to stimulate the other person instead; this would be more helpful in achieving sexual pleasure.

3. Human-like Sounds
Many male friends I know criticize Japanese A-film actresses’ moans as too noisy and not sexy at all. In conclusion, moans shouldn’t be overly exaggerated or unrealistic; otherwise it won’t lead to the desired result and would hurt the man’s self-esteem instead! Plus it would tire you out too!