Learn to Master the Art of Flirting: Make You a Fighter Among Girls

In general, the main points are lubricating, sticking out the tongue, dropping the tongue, opening up the back muscles and taking it slow with patience.
More specifically, deep-throating techniques consist mainly of the following steps:
1. Lubrication. This is very important as a sufficiently lubricated penis can easily slide down your throat along your tongue when erect. Upon reaching its destination, tilt your head back slightly and stick out your tongue beyond your lower lip.
2. Flatting out the back end of your tongue. Stretching out your tongue will make it flat. Do a yawning motion to open up your throat.
Contrary to popular belief, deep-throating does not require for you to ‘relax’ your throat muscles. By flattening out the back end of your tongue, you resist gagging reflexes and also open up a wider entrance for the penis to enter.
3. Slowly press the penis against your tongue and swallow it into your mouth. When feeling gaggy pause for a moment and hold still as much as possible before retreating back again. Practice this process repeatedly and you’ll find yourself being able to take in more depth until eventually you are able to swallow an entire length of penis with ease along with your tongue into the throat area.
One point to remember when engaging in deep-throating oral sex is:
1) When the penis enters into the throat area, there may be some resistance which requires additional ‘pushing’ force in order for it to completely penetrate through; using your tongue can help push it further down in depth
2) There might be a gag reflex that kicks in once it reaches an area; when this happens pause momentarily without pulling out but instead extend then retract youtongue back so as to avoid gagging feels altogether .
These are simple yet vivid instructions on how to do deep-throating from sex experts; if you wish to be an ace among girls at this act then repeated practice is key for optimal results!