No Desire, No Demand! The Three Main Causes of Men’s Sexual Apathy

A harmonious relationship between the sexes is supposed to be full of interest and passion, but nowadays, the pressure of life and the burden of work make many men “uninterested in sex”, gradually moving towards “impotent” direction. According to survey results, more than one in every five men in today’s male population is in a state of “indifference”, which we often call “sexual indifference”. So what are the causes of these?

Excessive greed.

Many men have great needs when they are young, and indulge themselves in some way or another to satisfy them, staying up all night to party. However, if you don’t control yourself and stay in an excited state for too long, you will soon lose interest in it and become impotent. Therefore, controlling one’s needs reasonably and not indulging too much is a good way to relieve and cure sexual numbness.

Excessive pressure

The current social environment is in a state of excessive competition, especially in work where the burden is heavy. Most of the time and energy of men are put into how to cope with heavy work matters. Therefore, there is not enough energy facing sex life, and demand gradually decreases or even no interest at all, just done it hastily. Long-term under intense pressure is easy to numbness in sex life and lack of any feeling. So, it is also a good way to avoid numbing by adjusting one’s own working state reasonably.

Aesthetic Fatigue:
The state of being overwhelmed by the amount or complexity of visual elements in a given piece of art or design. It can lead to a feeling of boredom due to excessive familiarity with the work.

Most men are bottom-thinking animals. When they experience aesthetic fatigue facing their own objects, there is certainly no desire left. Especially for married couples who have been together for a long time, some faults gradually revealed in their life can lead to mutual disapproval. Under such aesthetic fatigue, the decreased demand is normal.

Being in this state can have a great impact on the relationship between two people. Some people resort to certain hormones to stimulate themselves, but excessive use can cause irreversible damage to their body. Therefore, sex experts suggest taking Xuanji Pills to regulate male functions, increase their own craving for love and the ability to satisfy her, so that when both parties are satisfied, the feelings naturally heat up like glue and paint.

No matter what causes the coldness, it should be faced actively and the problem should be handled well to avoid affecting daily life.