Positions for lasting love revealed!

Some couples always choose the wrong posture when having sexual intercourse, either not fitting enough or without pleasure. Over time, this can easily cause a qualitative change in their feelings. After all, sexual life is the most basic way for couples to get along with each other. The following text gives a great exposure to long-lasting lovemaking postures!

The Japanese AV king, known as the emperor of AV, has revealed his “private” tricks in his new book. He shares his real battle experience and the most touching posture skills. It is not just a skill toolbook or medical theory book, but starts from the body and mind, with the assistance of professional doctors, which integrates Shinsui Ken’s personal experience as an AV actor. Through humorous and easy-to-understand language to interpret various sexual techniques and understand the psychology of men and women facing intimate moments.

I also revealed in high school that I used to be a 30-second premature ejaculator, but through “practice” I slowly became a sex master of many people. In the book, I also generously shared my secrets. One of them was about “the really super comfortable posture, and the secret of the Train Bento is that the necks are tightly pressed together.”

In the book, the secret of “Train Bento” is shared, revealing: “When it comes to Train Bento, it seems that many people think it’s a tiring position, an energetic position, or a position used for performance.”

However, that is a completely wrong notion,” the reason for sharing this move is “women should not extend their arms; their necks should be close to each other, feeling like they have merged into one as if they were a plait of hemp, and their bodies tightly cling together.

I hope the above content can help you. Sex is a necessary part of mature physical health and it brings people pleasure as well as letting them appreciate the beauty of this world.