The longer the time couples spend in sexual intimacy, the more joy and pleasure they will bring.

People have always been concerned about the duration of sexual intercourse. Why is this so? Because many people believe that the longer the sexual intercourse, the more friction and interaction between male and female bodies and sexual organs, the more pleasure and pleasure it produces. Some even think that only long-term sexual life can satisfy women. In fact, the time of sex is not the most important thing, nor is it necessarily able to get orgasm and happiness. However, after all, time is the basis of sexual life, so how to prolong time and how to improve men’s fighting force is a very important job. So what should be done specifically? Let’s explain it in detail today.

First: A complete sexual life needs a beginning, process, and end, and time is also calculated from these three aspects. If the sexual intercourse process is relatively short, then extend the beginning a bit. The beginning is foreplay. Even if the man only has 10 minutes in actual intercourse, he can still achieve the ideal result.

Second: Men pay attention to the frequency of movement in sexual life. Too fast, it is easy to reach climax in a short time; too slow, both men and women cannot feel the pleasure. Therefore, constantly changing the frequency of movement is the most ideal method. When a man is about to reach climax, immediately reduce the frequency and adjust his breathing before continuing.

Third: The simplest delay technique is to choose some auxiliary tools, but don’t use them blindly. You can choose formal products such as condoms, which can not only ensure safety but also effectively prolong the sexual life and achieve the effect of increasing combat effectiveness.

Fourth: Lower your center of gravity can save your energy, and relax your tense muscles. Let her run a part of the way for you, some positions to save on energy are good choices.

Fifth: Use small tricks. Men play the leading role in deciding the length of sexual intercourse, and can increase the duration by using some small tricks, such as reducing sexual excitement and weakening erection before reaching orgasm, effectively controlling premature ejaculation. During sexual intercourse, some techniques can be used to reduce sexual tension and delay orgasm.

Sixth: Exercise regularly. Exercise can improve the circulation of blood throughout the body, including sexual organs, for a qualitative breakthrough in sexual intercourse. Running or walking for half an hour every day and working out at least three times a week will increase the time and frequency of sex.

Finally, it should be specially mentioned that the length of sexual intercourse should be as much as possible without compromising one’s health for a moment’s pleasure. Perfect sex is what everyone strives for, but healthy sex is even more important. The ultimate goal of sex is to pursue happiness, and if prolonged sexual intercourse brings less pleasure, then there is no point in having sex at all.