Three “notices” to make your sexual life healthier in winter:

1. Be aware of the cold. The decrease of temperature changes the physiological and psychological state, causing a decrease in libido in both men and women;
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Change underwear often and keep the area clean to avoid infection;
3. Get enough sleep and rest during winter. An adequate amount of sleep helps maintain vitality and physical strength, which is beneficial for maintaining a healthy sex life.
In winter, it is too cold and couples who engage in physical intimacy should be careful not to catch a cold. This has weakened the enthusiasm of many married couples for physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is a lubricant for the relationship between men and women, and it also helps to consume excess heat. Physical intimacy should not be neglected in winter. Taking preventive measures and remembering the following three “notes” can also ensure a perfect experience.

Note 1: Keep warm and prevent colds and avoid catching a cold.

If you don’t take precautions against colds during the winter, you may be sick for weeks and unable to have a normal sexual life. How do you have sex naked without catching a cold? First, close the window to avoid the cold wind making you shiver; second, warm up the air or turn on the heating and adjust the temperature to a comfortable level for your body. Taking protective measures when having sex is essential to reduce the chances of catching a cold.

Pay attention to the second point: No pain, no gain.

Winter Pa-Pa-Pa requires a lot of energy and physical strength, so don’t overdo it and make yourself sick. So what is the best frequency for winter Pa-Pa-Pa? Generally speaking, there is no fixed number of Pa-Pa-Pa, depending on the feelings of both parties. Elderly people should have fewer Pa-Pa-Pa times than young people, and those with serious physical illnesses should not try to be energetic to do Pa-Pa-Pa. When feeling physically fatigued and weak, or even afraid of coldness, the number of Pa-Pa-Pas should be reduced accordingly.

Note 3: Resolving Awkwardness of Pop Pop Pop

In winter, it’s cold and dry, and women’s emotions and vaginal physiological reactions also change like the weather. When you encounter embarrassing dryness during sex, don’t ignore it and endure the pain of dryness. You can talk to your husband and let him know how uncomfortable you feel during sex, and try to extend his foreplay time to arouse your sexual interest. If foreplay is not effective, don’t worry, applying lubricant is also an effective solution to solve the awkwardness during sex.

In general, the principle for winter health maintenance is “hide and not leak”, so the ancients had said “winter abstinence”. In layman’s terms, the cold weather of winter requires a lot of energy to keep warm, and frequent sex will consume a lot of energy. If one does not control themselves while having sex, it can indeed affect their health; the three tips mentioned above should be remembered!