Three postures that women enjoy in a couple’s life:

1. Communication: Being able to openly communicate with each other about feelings, problems and concerns.
2. Compassion: Showing kindness and understanding towards the partner.
3. Affection: Expressing love through physical contact such as hugs, kisses and holding hands.
In married life, every woman has her own favorite position. So what kind of position do you like? Some people prefer traditional style while some others prefer rear entry. So let’s have a look at the three positions most favored by women and see if you like any of them.

Women like the posture in married life.

The first type: Stationary Riding Style

This position is very rare in a couple’s life, unless their partner is domineering. It requires great strength from the partner, but it’s also the most effective way for a woman to have a deeper experience. First, they stand facing each other, then the partner directly embraces the woman’s back with both hands and the woman puts her hands on his shoulders. Her legs wrap tightly around his waist, and finally they enter with their bodies aligned. They begin to move up and down rhythmically.

The second one: man on top

This position is very common in sex and can be done with various variations. Firstly, the female lies flat on her back with her legs spread apart. The partner then kneels between the legs, either holding onto the waist or chest, and starts making love. The partner can also lie flat on their stomach, using both arms to support themselves for intercourse.

The third: Woman on top

The cowgirl position is the most popular among the three positions women like. This position is also called the rodeo style. Firstly, the partner lies flat on the bed while the woman sits directly on top of him. Of course, they must align their organs. Then they can start moving according to their rhythm, and the depth and speed are totally up to them, which makes it possible for women to experience more pleasure in sex.

In couples’ sexual life, there are many different positions. For female friends, they prefer missionary and wheelbarrow positions. As for women, their favorite is the three aforementioned positions. These sexual positions are very common in daily life, especially the woman-on-top position. Many strong women will use this position for sex.