What are the differences in understanding of sexual life between men and women?

For young men and women in love for the first time, understanding of sexual knowledge may not be much. What are the basic knowledge and methods of sexual love? Here are four basic knowledge about sex. Let’s get to know them together!

Women and men have different attitudes towards sex.

Men have a sexual urge before they start to have feelings for a woman, while women think about sex only after they start having feelings for a man. In terms of emotions, men prefer to be physically involved first and then emotionally involved, so when they are with you, they will want to be associated with you sexually before anything else. On the other hand, women usually need to accept the man in their hearts first before wanting an intimate relationship with him. Moreover, if a woman has an intimate relationship with a man afterwards she would become more dependent on him and she would have increased emotional investment towards him. Men will do the same in response; this is just a different viewpoint between male and female friends regarding sex.

II. Men focus on results while women enjoy the process.

Before the man had you, he would give you a feeling of having found true love in life’s journey, but once he got you, his attitude towards you would gradually become colder. Regarding sex, if it happens before marriage, the ending result usually leaves the woman feeling cold. As the other party would already have lost its novelty, it is even more different after marriage.

Third, men must be necessary in matters of emotion while women are more necessary in marriage and life.

However, usually after marriage, the man would become indifferent to the woman, thus the marriage life begins to have difficulties. For women who lack freshness, men can’t keep their passion for a long time. Therefore, even if married, women still need to maintain mystery and not let the man lose his freshness for you. As for sexual knowledge, it can be constantly improved and continue to try different sexual experiences, which will be beneficial for improving both people’s emotions.

Fourth, during the process of a man pursuing perfection in you, do not be too trusting of his sweet words.

When a man is chasing after you, he will just make sweet promises in order to get in touch with you sexually. Therefore, the more flowery and suave he is, the more a woman should be assertive and love herself. Do not be easily fooled by his sweet talk as he may not actually care for you; one must be discerning and careful.

For young men and women who are just in love, understanding sexual knowledge will not be much. What basic common sense and methods about sex are completely incomprehensible. Here we introduce four basic common senses about sex in detail. Let’s get to know them together!

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