Is a woman’s libido stronger if she has more body hair? In what ways does a woman’s strong libido manifest itself?

Although people nowadays are more open towards sex, some people believe that the amount of pubic hair a woman has is an indicator of her strong sexual desire. Is this true? Let’s find out!

Does having a lot of pubic hair mean being sexually aroused? Pubic hair is the surface part of a female’s external genitalia, located in front of the symphysis pubis. After puberty, subcutaneous fat increases and becomes cushiony and pubic hair grows. The distribution of pubic hair generally forms an inverted triangle covering the labia majora and merging with the area in front of the anus. Some women have their pubic hairs distributed in long strips. The main purpose of pubic hair is to reduce friction during intercourse and prevent injury to the protruding vulva. Actually, for male-female intercourse, the man’s pubic hair can already fulfill its function to reduce friction and prevent vulva injury as well.

In addition, there can be significant differences between individuals or even different ethnic groups in terms of how thick or thin they have their pubic hair, how curly it is, how much there is and what color it is – all these factors have nothing to do with development or maturity. Sexual arousal and performance can be affected by many external factors such as growth environment and education received.

What are some signs that indicate a woman has a strong sexual desire?
1) Body shape: Generally speaking, women who are plumper tend to have stronger sexual desire than those who are skinny; Women with bigger buttocks also tend to feel more aroused; Breast size does not seem to affect sexual arousal level, but if one’s breast size is too small due to being too skinny then she may tend to experience lower levels of arousal. Height does not seem to have any correlation either way with sexual desires.
2) Freckles: Generally speaking women with mild freckles on their faces tend to feel more aroused – especially on both sides of their noses and under their eyes where they were called “Peach Blossom Face” back in ancient times and often suspected as harlots;
3) Facial expression: Generally speaking women with stronger sexual desire will be easily distracted – for example her gaze could shift from you quickly while wearing a smile… Those who often laugh or cry also seem more likely to feel aroused;
4) Activities: Generally speaking those who are active in literary/artistic/sports activities will tend to experience higher levels of arousal than those who rarely say anything;