Six pieces of evidence show that sex is the best exercise!

Recent medical and sexological research have indicated that regular sexual activity can energize body functions and promote health, as well as reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. This article lists 6 evidences in detail to prove that sexual intercourse is the best exercise! For people in modern society with high intensity and pressure, many of them are often “willing but unable”. However, according to research reports, there are many benefits to maintaining regular sexual life. The most direct manifestation is that it can reduce calories. Sexual intercourse can consume 3.6 kcal per minute, which is higher than the effect of jogging.

First, reducing stress: Regular sex can relieve muscle tension and psychological pressure encountered outside by the process of exercise and interaction with partners. Sex can reduce cortisol, commonly known as “stress hormone”, so that adrenal gland does not need to maintain a state of coping with stress for a long time.

Second, reducing sick time: For office workers, colds are very common diseases. According to university research reports, those who maintain weekly or twice-a-week sexual activities will get more antibodies and can more effectively prevent colds from occurring.

Thirdly, greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer: According to a research report from Harvard University team suggested men average 21 times ejaculation per month and 252 times per year , which not only activates functions but also greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 36%. It is beneficial to the body than harm doing.
Fourthly, prolong life: Medical teams conducted a long-term study in 1980s. After tracking for many years, they found that male who had sex once a month had nearly half the death rate compared with those who had sex twice a week.
Fifthly,the pesky headache disappears: Although there is no direct connection between them , six out of ten people have experienced relief from headaches after having sex , so experts suggest that when you encounter headache next time don’t rush to swallow pills , maybe trying a more natural way also relieve your pain .
Sixthly,improving sleep quality: High-energy sexual behavior makes men easier to fall asleep ,but for women ,high concentrated prolactin (prolactin)and estrogen released during climax not only helps them gain deep sleep ,but also has great benefits on appearance and physiology .
In conclusion,regular sexual activity has numerous physiological and psychological benefits . So why not make love your ideal workout ?