What are the psychological differences between women and men when making love?

Fingering is not only useful in intercourse, but also in foreplay. It arouses a woman’s sense of shame and disturbs her psychology. During lovemaking, when the penis slowly rotates in the female genitals, if it is in the normal position with the man on top, you can slightly lift your body and use two or three fingers to repeatedly insert into and comb through the pubic hair.

It doesn’t matter if you use your fingertips, knuckles or even messily brush with your hands, or wrap your fingers around to play; carefully combing each strand with a finger is the focus of this technique. Of course, it can also be done in positions other than the normal one.

When a woman has consented to being touched individually by a man’s fingers, it will only heighten her shame further. At the same time, feeling that her pubic hair is being cared for and loved by a man will bring about an indescribable joy and an intense sexual excitement. Female sexuality is more psychological than that of men. Therefore, they are often controlled by their emotions and care whether they are loved or not.

Only after understanding this psychology can fingering give women true pleasure – not just physical but also spiritual – making them think “it doesn’t matter if I get chaotic”; “I can do whatever I want”… In addition to this fingering technique another simultaneous fingering technique can be added; namely, brushing her hair simultaneously with her pubic hair; touching each strand one by one. Hair is one of a woman’s psychological erogenous zones; if it can be touched together with pubic hair then sexual excitement will be increased even more. Furthermore, you can also lick from her earlobe to neck area using your tongue while penis movement is mainly slow circle motions which make her anxious.

This fingertip technique is not only useful during intercourse but also during foreplay as it provokes a woman’s sense of shame and disturbs her psychology