What can I say to my husband to make him soften instantly when we have a fight?

Previously, there was a movie called “It’s Best to Be a Coquettish Woman”, which was starred by Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming. I believe everyone has seen it. The plot is roughly that Zhou Xun is an uncompromising and very strong person while the other woman is a highly coquettish one. Everything will go smoothly for the woman but nothing goes well for Zhou Xun. This movie also tells us what true coquettery looks like: it is a secret weapon of women and cannot be used on just anyone, especially your husband during the stressful period of pregnancy, which can bring some extra fun for both of you.

So here I am to give pregnant moms some tricks on how to melt your husband’s heart with words when you two quarrel.

“I’ve already given birth to our baby, why are you still angry at me?”
When people are angry, their minds usually become short-circuited. With this sentence, your husband will realize your importance and his appreciation towards everything you have done for him; he would then soften up and comfort you instead.

“Am I not loved by you anymore?” said in a distressed tone
You know what comes next after saying this line. Even if it isn’t his fault, he will take all the blame anyway!

“Baby knows they were wrong and they feel bad too”
Yielding first might be the solution here since arguing won’t get us anywhere right? And those who yield first will have reward – seeing you yielding would make him reluctant to continue arguing with you too! Just bear with it for now as everything can be sorted out later when things have cooled down.

Men should also pay attention not to trigger their pregnant wives easily´╝Ü1) Learn more about maternity knowledge – prepare healthy meals for her and the baby, safeguard them from potential harm, prepare necessary items for delivery day; 2) Don’t let your wife do too much housework – pregnant women are usually discomforted in movement so doing heavy chores like lifting heavy objects or bending over too long should be avoided; 3) Talk more with your wife – she might be worried about different stuff during pregnancy which may lead to depression so try comforting her whenever possible; 4) Accompany her to regular checkups – having her husband around provides more security which creates more happiness between couples; 5) Go out together with her – exercising during pregnancy is essential since it benefits both mommy-to-be and baby’s health condition; having your husband accompany you would make marriage life even sweeter.