Why do women moan during sex, and what effect does it have on them?

Moaning is a word that men are willing to say, but there are also many prejudices that only prostitutes or wandering women will shout loudly. How can women of good character make a sound?

In fact, this is a manifestation of lack of correct knowledge about sex. From the point of view of physiology, women have certain physiological reactions when moaning in the process of sexual intercourse. Here’s why women moan during sex:

First, because when approaching or reaching orgasm, blood oxygen content decreases. At this time, women will fall into a slight hypoxia state, and present a series of so-called “orgasmic symptoms”, such as eyes dull, blurred vision and mild spasm. When the oxygen content in the blood decreases, carbon dioxide will increase relatively, so respiration must be accelerated. When breathing is accelerated and disordered, it will naturally emit the grunt unique to orgasm.

Second, when approaching orgasm, the “excitation substances” in female brain will increase. People’s understanding of this “excitation substance” is still limited at present, but it has been known that it can make people confused and relieve inhibition of brain.

This effect will weaken women’s rationality and emit sounds they never imagined. Some women have no idea whether they have made any sound afterwards. It can be seen that the scream during sex is completely an spontaneous physiological phenomenon and has nothing to do with the moral quality of women.

Thirdly, there is also an intentional moan which is made by women in order to increase sexual passion deliberately.