Women desire physical love and what signals are their bodies giving out?

In modern life, many people are prone to fast-food sex where they only focus on the result while neglecting some details. However, many women are also too embarrassed to express their feelings in sexual matters.

So what are the signs that can tell if a woman is longing for sex? Here is an introduction from us:

1. Pupils: When a woman is aroused, her pupils will automatically expand involuntarily. This is because her body is ready to accept more stimulation, so her brain orders her eyes’ iris to enlarge and let more light into the eyeball. This would be the time for a man to take action.

2. Eyelashes: Studies have shown that women who have taken contraceptive pills blink 32% more times than other women per minute. Their hormone levels change due to this, and they are particularly attracted to strong and rough men. At this point, show your most determined and confident side to her.

3. Brain: When couples drink alcohol together, it often happens that males become wilder while females get drowsy instead. This is because men release their desires when drinking while women’s brains slow down in reaction to it. In reality, choosing a song that she loves would be an unbeatable “aphrodisiac” for her at this moment.

4. Abdominal region: Wondering if it’s time for courtship now? Take note of her breathing pattern then! When a female takes in breath, her stomach sinks which indicates that she uses chest breathing only; this means she is under pressure and better not rush into things with her just yet! If both abdomen and chest rise during inhalation though – then she is probably undergoing deeper breaths which signify excitement and thrill!

5. Nose: A female’s sense of smell becomes especially sensitive in the morning; thus this would be the perfect opportunity for you to show your kindness by serving up a wonderful breakfast right at bedside – preferably with a warm banana nut bread as well! Research shows that such bread aroma can promote secretion of vaginal lubricant!

6. Chest area: Sexual flushing can help you determine how aroused a female could be at any given moment; if female breasts and face slowly turn pinkish then know you must be doing something right – keep going! Additionally, female chests enlarge by 25% during sexual excitement state as well!

7 Back : During climax time females tend to arch their backs – seize this chance tightly by holding onto her with coordinated posture motions and keep going with similar intensity until she reaches orgasmic peak too!

8 Nail biting: Females repeating certain actions usually signify some level of tension within them – like scratching skin or nail biting… Under such circumstances males should gently pull apart from hands away from hers before tenderly pinching or caressing them so tension will eventually dissipate…

9 Hands : Coldness about your beloved one’s hands signals lower body temperature or stress perhaps – try embracing her with arms around whilst slowly rubbing against the back without stopping; not only it helps relax but also stir up thirst inside as well!!!